2014  T-Minus Productions

Brad brings his 27 years of business experience to

T- Minus Productions with unparalleled excitement.  As a licensed securities broker, Brad spent the better part of 2 decades in finance with an emphasis on estate and business planning.  Having owned and operated 4 different companies of his own during this time, Brad has a unique prospective on today’s global business climate.   As the century turned, Brad began to focus his efforts on real estate development and finance.  Traveling the world, he was credited with closing over 1.5 billion dollars in development finance for a private lender.  During this time Brad amassed both a domestic, and an international rolodex that is proving invaluable to TMP’s efforts to raise capital through investor dollars.

An avid sports fan and proud graduate of the University of Maryland, Brad enjoys a multitude of activities.  Growing up outside the beltway, and an east coast boy at heart, he has brought to TMP a different type of edge. 

“There’s an enthusiasm and electricity in the air at

T-Minus Productions that is contagious.”