2014 T-Minus Productions




Caleigh joined the team in June and works closely with our publicist and marketing department for all of our projects needs.

"...Exposure to the L.A. Scene has given Caleigh's work a darker, edgier tone. Her images express her love for the arts (photography, dancing, acting, writing and painting).

Using her photographic skills, she hopes to be able to show to other artist the same kind of nurturing support she has received from her family and friends."   

           ~The Visual Arts Gallery,  Inc.

"Caleigh White has had her hands on the camera since the age of nine which has helped her develop a strong eye for composition in her work. Her small town roots helped her to achieve a wholesomeness in her photographic images. At 17, she moved from that small town to Los Angeles. The combination of her sheltered upbringing and the L.A. style of living, helped her find a true 'eye' in photography..."

               ~ Totally Artistic Magazine

I've been messing around with cameras since 1994, and have worked with Julia Dean, Kevin Scanlon and Anthony Mongiello to name a few.

I was excepting as an intern for National Geographic, but had to turn it down as i couldn't move to washington on my own at the age of 17.