2014 T-Minus Productions

TJ grew up around movie sets watching his father work as a 2nd Unit Director / Stunt Coordinator, TJ began his career with films on such as Scream 2, starring Neve Cambell and Courtney Cox, and Three Kings with George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube.  Today TJ boasts films such as Rock Star starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Anniston, Guess Who? starring the late Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher, Halloween 2, Live Free or Die Hard,  Angels and Demons, Little Man, Semi Pro and 8-Mile starring Eminem to name a few. 

Managing Partner of T-Minus Productions, a full service production company TJ manages, develops and produces films and television projects.  TJ Co-produced  The Hard Easy starring Henry Thomas, Vera Farmiga, David Boreanaz and Nick Lachey. 

TJ is currently in development with Michael Uslan (Constantine, The Spirit, Batman Begins, and Cat Woman) and Jonathan Roberts (Straight out of Compton 2, Two Days, and Black Cat) on a comic book turned movie project,   To add to TJ’s well rounded career in the Film and TV industry TJ was also the 2nd unit director on Battlestar Galactica Short (Richard Hatch), The Hard Easy and Deceit and many MTV award winning videos.

T -Minus Production currently has Retribution, a  psychological Thriller in the vein of (Unusual Suspects) and Company Man, a comedy  (Wedding Crashers meets Office Space) in active development and two other projects that are currently kept under wrap. 

TJ is currently prepping “Fight Schlub” for the lens and has attached MMA Trainer to the Stars, Kelly Carter and  Adam Carrolla to his production team to make the project as realistic and funny as it can be.