Our Story

T-Minus Productions established itself by designing and producing action scenes for Hollywood’s most creative directors and producers. Derived by veteran Stunt Coordinator TJ White, T-Minus has accumulated credits in Film, Television, Animation, Commercials, and Music Videos for almost three decades. 

T-Minus Productions’ capabilities encompass full service physical production (Pre and Post) all the way to creative development offering a rolodex of industry professionals at the top of their respective fields. 

We are a film and television production company that develops original content in-house with our collaborative development team while also acquiring favorable IP. Our focus is to expand the profitability beyond the box office with the majority of properties taking advantage of ancillary markets including consumer merchandising, soundtracks, intellectual property licensing, syndication, spin-offs, and other additional outlets to positively effect the investor’s bottom line.

Working with Hollywood’s top tier talent both above and below the line, T-Minus Productions’ mission is to create engaging and entertaining stories at the highest caliber of filmmaking for global audiences.