| 110 min | USA
  • Original title: Trucker
  • Director: TJ White
  • Producer: T-Minus Productions

“Contagion” meets “Book of Eli” action franchise

In the near future, America’s resources are depleted. The nation lives in a police state. An underground movement of illegal freedom fighters grows. While mourning his wife’s death, federal trucker JT tries to put his life back together when he encounters a mysterious woman asking for his help to get to Langley so she can finish a job. The scenery along the way is colored with the despair of the current climate of the country. Martial Law is enforced, FEMA camps are riddled across state lines, the heart of the United States are dimmed with shades of despair. Meanwhile a massive manhunt is advancing towards JT’s and his new passenger. Learning the truth about his wife’s death begins the unraveling to what JT once believed. He is now faced with a choice to follow orders or follow his heart. Sides will be chosen as a new war begins.